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- To develop projects that create awareness and support for people with disabilities in Nigeria.

- To support and empower the visually impaired community with education and training towards their self-sufficiency and independence for easy integration into the society.

- To help provide mobility aids which include white guide canes, wheelchairs etc for visually impaired and physically challenged youths.

- To support the education of students with disabilities by setting up Scholarship and Educational Trust Funds for physically challenged students and support the production of Braille Educational Materials for visually impaired students.

- To facilitate and organise skill acquisition and counselling/mentorship programmes for challenged youths; organise exhibitions to showcase their creativity and provide a platform for recognition and income -earning.

- To provide relief aid, care and support for Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees in Nigeria.


- To provide counselling and mentoring for challenged students and individuals


- To organise fundraising projects and charity concerts to raise funds for the beneficiaries of Angel 4 Life Foundation.


- To set up a resource centre for the development and empowerment of people with disabilities

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